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14% of New York City is parkland. These are playgrounds and parks from the Victorian era to the Robert Moses era. They consist of wildlife sanctuaries, historic sites and miles of beaches. Each place contains a vibrant community that utilizes, protects and advocates for these spaces. Each is part of the history of New York City. Play NYCe seeks to create a mosaic of these open public spaces and the people who use them.

Why Parks?

Hi I'm Darren Hinton

Originally from Los Angeles, I moved to NYC in 2009. After losing a job in 2018, I spent a summer exploring New York City various parks with my children. We went to every borough, by bus and by train. I thought to myself, there should be a video about some of these places. So I decided to do just that. The idea has evolved as well as the scope. I enjoy exploring new places and learning about history. I seek to speak to issues about equity and community and diversity. I invite you to join me.


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